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Enterprise Web Application Security Best Practices: How to Build a Successful AppSec Program

An effective web application security program needs to cover every corner of your complex and fast-changing application environment and deliver reliable intelligence on your current security posture. At the same time, it has to mesh seamlessly with your development workflows so your organization can maintain security without hampering innovation. And it all needs to work today, tomorrow, and every day in the future – for all your applications.

Until recently, doing all this across a variety of web technologies and application architectures has been extremely challenging technically. Organizations have also struggled to deploy workable solutions in a reasonable time and see measurable improvements to their real-life security posture – but as the security industry matures, things are changing at long last.

This white paper presents the four pillars of a best-practice web application security program and outlines Invicti’s tried-and-tested approach to holistic AppSec, including clear and practical steps to:

  • Keep track of your true web attack surface
  • Integrate security testing into web application development
  • Detect and permanently remediate web security defects
  • Improve your application security posture in the long run – starting today


Keeping a modern web applicationenvironment secure in the face of escalating threats and under relentless pressure to innovate needs a systematic and future-proof approach.

Learn how to build an AppSec program that works from day one.

Scan every corner of every app

You can’t secure a web asset if you don’t know it exists. When you have thousands of web assets, your organization is bound to lose track of some of them. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

    • Gain complete visibility into all your applications — even those that are lost, forgotten, or hidden.

    • Scan any type of web application, web service and web API — including first and third-party (open source) code — regardless of the technology, framework or language they’re built with.

    • Scan the corners of your web assets that other tools miss, with advanced crawling and our combined interactive + dynamic (IAST + DAST) scanning approach.

Automate security throughout your SDLC

Your security challenges grow faster than your team. That’s why you need security testing automation built into every step of your SDLC.

    • Automate security tasks and save your team hundreds of hours each month.
    • Identify the vulnerabilities that really matter — then seamlessly assign them for remediation.
    • Help security and development teams get ahead of their workloads — whether you run an AppSec, DevOps, or DevSecOps program.

See the complete picture of your app security

Without complete visibility into your apps, vulnerabilities, and remediation efforts, it’s impossible to prove you’re doing everything you can to reduce your company’s risk.

    • Find all your web assets — even ones that have been lost, forgotten, or created by rogue departments.
    • Scan the corners of your apps that other tools miss with our unique dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning approach.
    • Always know the status of your remediation efforts, through Invicti or native integrations with your issue tracking and ticketing software.

Find the vulnerabilities other tools miss

Head-to-head tests by independent researchers show that Invicti consistently identifies more vulnerabilities than other scanning tools. And returns fewer false positives.

  • Find more true vulnerabilities with our unique dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning approach.
  • Let no vulnerability go unnoticed with combined signature and behavior-based testing.
  • Detect vulnerabilities quickly with comprehensive scanning that doesn’t sacrifice speed or accuracy.

Manage risk like a team 10x your size

Security bottlenecks. Complex infrastructure. Your ever-growing list of vulnerabilities. It’s no surprise that teams like yours are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work in front of them. Take control with scalable security testing that makes life easier for your security team.

  • Reclaim the hundreds of hours your team spends chasing down false positives with features that confirm which vulnerabilities are real threats.
  • Integrate security testing into your entire SDLC with powerful two-way integrations into the tools your development team already uses.
  • Control permissions for unlimited users — no matter how complex your organization’s structure

Prevent vulnerabilities by producing more secure code

The longer a vulnerability lasts in your SDLC, the more costly it is to fix. Invicti helps you prevent vulnerabilities by showing your developers how to write more secure code in their existing environment. Because the easiest vulnerabilities to manage are the ones that never exist in the first place.

  • Build security into your culture by integrating Invicti into the tools and workflows your developers use daily.
  • Give developers access to actionable feedback that helps them produce more secure code — which means less work for your security team.
  • Prevent delays with continuous scanning that stops risks from being introduced in the first place.

Explore how companies keep thousands of web assets secure with Invicti

Build your resistance to threats. And save hundreds of hours each month.

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