Prevention Starts with Perception

AI-powered email, web browser, and cloud apps security. ONE platform. ALL threats. Lightning fast. Zero overhead

AI-Powered Threat Prevention
Across Your Top Attack Vectors

Rapid detection, investigation, and remediation of all attacks across email, web browsers, and cloud collaboration channels. We prevent phishing, ransomware, BEC, ATO, spam, malware, Zero-days, and N-days well before they reach your end-users

Effective Threat Prevention

Consolidate your complex existing security stack and your point solutions – including AVs, sandboxes, CDRs, RBIs – with one effective solution against APTs, phishing, BEC, ransomware, malware, ATO, impersonation attacks, and spam.

Multiple layers of static and dynamic engines, including advanced AI/ML, next-gen sandboxing and patented web browser security technology prevent malicious files, URLs, and social-engineering based techniques.

Top Attack Vector Coverage

Detect, investigate, and remediate threats across email, web browsers, cloud storage, CRM, instant messaging apps, or any cloud application with one solution, viewed from one intuitive dashboard. Add new channels in one-click to provide threat detection coverage across all apps.

Managed Incident Response. A SOC Multiplier

Deployed within minutes, with zero fuss to your IT team. You receive a managed service that conforms with any existing policies and SIEMs. No need to change MX record for email security, or deploy a new customized browser on your endpoints.

A fully managed Incident Response service supercharges and optimizes your SOC team’s performance; eliminating false negatives and reducing false positive to bare minimum; analyzing, investigating, and rapidly remediating attacks.

Agile, Fast & Responsive

Near real-time scan speeds ensure no delays in receipt, regardless to scale and traffic volume. Cloud-based architecture shortens development and deployment cycles as new cyber-attacks techniques emerge, ensuring you’re at least one step ahead of attackers.

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