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3 Product Bundle for Workstation or Server

EDR for Workstation or Server​

EDR finds and stops known and unknown malware, including ransomware, completely removing all the associated artifacts, changes, and other remnants (that ther solutions miss) to prevent reinfection.

* Strong Protection with AI-powered, advanced anti-malware

* Superior Visibility with comprehensive analytics of adversary tactics and techniques

* Faster Response with AI-powered auto-remediation and granular isolation

* Full Recovery with complete malware removal and 72-hour ransomware rollback

Vulnerability and Patch Management​

Malwarebytes Patch Management module makes it easier to act swiftly through the patching process,

* Deploy in Minutes
* Enhance Threat Visibility
* Patch OS and third-party apps
* Integrate into Workflows

Corporate Mobile

With real-time Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Chromebook virus protection you can:

  • Prevent accidental access to harmful web sites
  • Safeguard against malicious apps
  • Block unwanted ads
  • Block ChromeOS and Android malware

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