Join our webinar to learn how the Forescout platform deploys quickly and interoperates with your existing infrastructure – without requiring agents, system upgrades or network changes

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11:00 – 11:10 – Intro – Multipoint Group
Cyber Strong Solutions – a leading distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions, providing the channel partners in the EMEA area with reliable, supported solutions from world-leading hardware and software manufacturers.

11:10 – 12:00 – Forescout & FAQ
– How To Defend your EoT.

– Forescout solution.




Nikos Christakis

Sales Director Europe
Multipoint Group

Laurent Lopes



It seemed to happen overnight. Your organization became a veritable Enterprise of Things (EoT). PCs, mobile devices, cloud workloads and other traditional IT systems. Device diversity is thriving at the cost of security as your users connect from all over the map – literally.

Here’s the thing: Every thing that touches your enterprise exposes you to potential risk. You must see it and secure it.

Get to know Forescout. 
Actively defend your EoT at scale by choosing Forescout to Identify, Segment and Enforce compliance of every connected thing on your heterogeneous network.

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